Family Resource Center: 
The Family Resource Center (FRC) is a single point of entry to access community-based, culturally competent family support services. The FRC helps families focus on strengthening their bonds, connecting to others, and engaging in their communities.   
The Family Resource Center provides:
  • evidence-based parent education groups
  • peer-to-peer groups for youth and adults
  • information and assistance to families needing access to health, safety, employment training, education and peer support
  • cultural, social, and recreational events for families and youth
  • services specific to Children Requiring Assistance (CRA); for those who are having serious problems at home and at school, including runaways, truants, and sexually exploited children
The Family Resource Center works with parents, children, teens, grandparents, guardians, caregivers and any other family member or member of the community who may be involved with the family.  Staff at the FRC can assess the needs of the family members, recommend services, and help with access to other community services if needed.
This program is a collaborative partnership between Family Service Association and Greater Fall River Re-Creation.  Located at 45 Rock Street in Fall River, the site of the former Second District Court, the FRC can be reached via public transportation routes and is 3 tenths of a mile from Fall River's SRTA bus station.

Contact the Family Resource Center at 508-567-1735.  If you wish to refer a child or youth to our program, please download and complete the FRC Referral Form by clicking HERE.
Visit the Family Resource Center on Facebook.  Click HERE
Keeping Families Strong

We are committed to providing a wide array of high quality programs and services designed to
strengthen and support individuals and families and to addressing the social service needs of our very diverse and changing communities.