Family Focus:
Family Service Association is "on the air" continuously since 2006 with a public access television show designed to familiarize viewers with the many programs and services the agency provides.  It's called FAMILY FOCUS and it can be seen in a number of communities throughout the Southcoast region. 
The program also affords our agency the opportunity to showcase many important community leaders from the fields of health care, social service, government and other areas.  FAMILY FOCUS is your connection to Family Service Association and to the community. 
The list of communities, days and times of the broadcast appears below.  (The list contains the primary showing of FAMILY FOCUS.  However, each station provides additional airings.  Consult your local station's website and on-air schedule to see the complete list of broadcast days and times.)
A new episode of FAMILY FOCUS premieres every month.

Family Focus can be seen on these local cable access television stations:
Channel 95: Tuesday evenings at 8:30 PM
Channel 95: Monday evenings at 6:30 PM
Channel 9: Monday afternoons at 1:00 PM and Friday afternoons at 4:30 PM.
Channel 98: Monday at 8:00 PM; Tuesday at 12:00 noon; Wednesday at 2:00 PM; Friday at 12:00 noon; and Saturday at 12:00 noon
Channell 95:  Friday evenings at 7:00 PM, with additional airing on Sunday morning at 11:00 AM
Channel 17:  Monday 5:30 PM, Tuesday 6:00 PM and Friday 10:30 AM
Keeping Families Strong

We are committed to providing a wide array of high quality programs and services designed to
strengthen and support individuals and families and to addressing the social service needs of our very diverse and changing communities.