Guardianship Program:

Guardianship is an agreement authorized by the court under which a person (the guardian) has the legal right and duty to care for an incapacitated person (respondent).  The court may also authorize a person to manage an incapacitated person's property and financial affairs under an agreement called a conservatorship
The FSA Guardianship Program integrates the legal guidelines regarding guardianship of an incapacitated person set forth by the Massachusetts General Laws with a quality clinical case management approach and a full complement of fiscal fiduciary services.
The Family Service Association Guardianship Program offers a variety of specialized services for those needing assistance in managing their personal, medical, financial, and legal decisions. Since its inception in 1986, this program has provided a multi-disciplinary and professional team approach, utilizing a legal / clinical / financial model to providing guardianship and conservatorship services for those determined by the court to be legally incompetent by a physician or need assistance with management of their personal and/or financial affairs.  Pursuing the least restrictive options available, our staff engages the client in decision making, if they are capable, or makes substituted judgment if they are not.

Services offered include:

* Preparation and filing of all legal paperwork required for guardianship or conservatorship services.
* Drafting of Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy
* Estate Planning
* Attend Court hearings for annual Rogers Review when serving as Monitor
* Miscellaneous legal issues
* Selling real estate, motor vehicles, and other assets when required
* Probate Matters including administration of estates

* Approving medical procedures including basic consents to end-of-life decisions
* Authorizing or monitoring medications
* Arranging nursing home placements
* Arranging all types of in-home services for ward’s living in the community
* Working with family members
* Oversight and arranging for purchase of personal items
* Setting up prearranged/prepaid funeral services

* Open and maintain bank accounts
* Receipt and payment of ward’s bills
* Obtain and/or maintain insurance coverage when appropriate
* Serving as Guardian of Estate or Conservator
* Serving as Representative Payee handling receipt and oversight of Social Security benefits
* Serving as VA Fiduciary handling of Veteran benefits
* Applying for and maintaining MassHealth benefits
* Preserving assets to the greatest extent possible

24-hour on-call service for emergency situations
Keeping Families Strong

We are committed to providing a wide array of high quality programs and services designed to
strengthen and support individuals and families and to addressing the social service needs of our very diverse and changing communities.