Adult Family Care:

What is Adult Family Care? It is an Option to Living Alone.

This program provides 24-hour family living for elderly persons and disabled adults who due to frailty, chronic illness or advanced age can no longer safely live alone. As an option to nursing homes or other forms of institutional care, Adult Family Care (AFC) helps those who require assistance but wish to continue living in a community-based setting.

Adult Family Care is funded in part by the MassHealth. Service is also available on a private pay basis.

The concept was developed in the late 1970s to provide family living for adults who, because of illness, frailty or advanced age can no longer safely live alone. This program now serves diverse populations of all ages dealing with medical or psychiatric disabilities. It is designed for people who do not need the continuous supervision provided by institutional care. It is for those who could successfully reside with another individual or family. 

Who Is Eligible?

Any adult who is on MassHealth Standard and who has a medical or psycho/social need requiring assistance with their health care management in order to live in the community may be eligible. Participants must not have any open court cases. We carefully check past backgrounds of both participants and caregivers.  Personal motivation of the applicant for family care is essential. 
If eligible, family members can be paid for providing care to another adult family member or a friend in their own home.  Those receiving care must be eligible for MassHealth.  The person providing care may not be the spouse or guardian of the individual receiving care.

How Does It Work?

Anyone interested in becoming either a participant or caregiver may refer themselves. Participants are carefully matched to families on the basis of common interests, location, physical suitability of the home and the ability of the host family to provide the required care. A professional team of a registered nurse and case manager assesses the interested client and caregiver. Once a match is considered, interested parties spend time with one another on three separate occasions. After several visits, if both parties are willing, the client will move in with the caregiver. 

What Happens Now? 

Prior to move-in date, a care plan will be developed with the help of both the caregiver and participant. Weekly visits by the professional staff will take place during the first 5 weeks to ascertain that the medical/psycho/social care plan is implemented. Thereafter, client and caregiver will be visited by either the RN or the case manager on a monthly basis. A staff member is on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Additional training and support for both caregiver and participant is provided.

What is the Cost?

Participants must be on MassHealth Standard.  At present, they contribute $17 per day (which may increase due to the cost of living) and the caregivers are paid a daily, tax-free stipend from MassHealth.

Do you know a person...
- Who is not safely able to live alone?
- Who needs companionship?
- Who would like to be part of a family?
If so, please contact Adult Family Care.
For the Fall River area, call Anne McGuirk at 508-677-3822 ext. 3117
For the New Bedford area, call Susanne Franco at 508-998-3626
For the Taunton area, call Kathy Heffernan at 508-822-1394, ext. 103
For the Plymouth / Cape Cod area, call Debbie Mumford at 508-747-7490
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