Therapeutic Mentoring:
Therapeutic Mentoring offers structured, one-to-one strength-based support services between a therapeutic mentor and a youth under the age of 21 for the purpose of addressing daily living, social and communication needs. Services include supporting, coaching, and training the youth in age-appropriate behaviors, interpersonal communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution. 
Participants also learn to relate appropriately to other children, adolescents and adults in recreational and social activities pursuant to a behavioral health treatment plan developed by an outpatient or in-home provider. 

How does Therapeutic Mentoring help?

These services help to ensure the young person’s success in navigating various social contexts, learning new skills and making functional progress. The Therapeutic Mentor offers supervision and engages the youth in discussions about strategies for effective handling of peer interactions.

Therapeutic Mentoring services are also necessary to achieve goals established in an existing behavioral health treatment plan for outpatient or in-home therapy or in an Individual Care Plan for youth in Intensive Care Coordination. 

Where is this service provided?

Therapeutic Mentoring is provided in any setting where the youth resides, such as the home (including foster homes and therapeutic foster homes) as well as at school, child care centers, respite settings and other culturally and linguistically appropriate community settings.

The Therapeutic Mentor engages the youth in activities that are designed to: 

  • provide anticipatory guidance
  • teach alternative strategies
  • encourage role playing and behavioral rehearsal
  • assist with skill acquisition in the community
  • expose participants to social situations in which age-appropriate skills can be practiced
  • enhance conflict resolution skills
  • develop communication skills

To download a copy of the Therapeutic Mentoring program referral form, please click HERE.

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