Employer Support Program:

This program is designed to assist companies and organizations whose workers who are having difficulties that may adversely affect their job performance. By contracting with local companies to provide an Employer Support Program (ESP), Family Service Association provides a comprehensive package of staff training, case management services and on-going consultation.  Employees have direct access to the agency's behavioral health treatment services, other agency programs, or outside services where applicable.

 The range of areas typically managed by the ESP provider includes:

  • personal issues job stress
  • relationship issues
  • eldercare, childcare, parenting issues
  • substance abuse
  • separation and loss
  • balancing work and family
  • financial or legal
  • family violence

The Employer Support Program also specializes in providing Critical Incident Stress Debriefing to police officers or any group of employees who have experienced a workplace emergency, accident, work site death, robbery or any critical incident.

The Debriefing is provided for the following purposes:

  • To provide a professionally guided review of the impact of the incident on the person's life
  • To enable ventilation of emotions
  • To provide reassurance and support
  • To educate about trauma reactions
  • To advise on symptom management
  • To minimize the potential for the development of psychological problems
  • To assist the person return to normal levels of functioning
  • To identify individuals who may need additional counseling

 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing is a group process for all individuals who were involved in or who witnessed a traumatic incident.

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